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Stress Management & Anxiety

Do Stress and Anxiety hold you back?

Whether this is stress in particular environments, relationships with others, yourself or both, it can feel overwhelming.

While pressure can help make life interesting, stress can become overwhelming and result in procrastination, over thinking and ultimately affect our confidence, our health and our quality of life, both physically and mentally.

I can help by working with you, using evidence based methods, grounded in the latest science and neuroscience to overcome stress and anxiety and ultimately use these states to enhance your life.

Move from a state of Stress, Anxiety and Overwhelm to a state of Calm Confidence and Inner Strength.



Working 1:1 specialising in Anxiety and Stress, I can work on a range of issues, such as;

  • General Stress and Anxiety

  • Confidence

  • Social Anxiety

  • Health, Weight and Lifestyle 

  • Work/Life balance

  • Burnout from work or caring roles

Group sessions

group yoga.jpg

Group sessions consist of 5-8 people over a 4 week period, based on a theme, such as Confidence or Calming the Nervous System. This includes;

  • Weekly group coaching calls

  • Breathwork

  • Somatic/Yoga movement

  • Weekly evidence based exercises (based in neuroscience) to rewire our mind

  • Hypnotherapy audios


Meditating on Beach

Book an online course to learn Relaxation techniques and reset your nervous system. Learn life long skills that will bring you from a state of anxiety and overwhelm to a calm clear state. When these techniques are practiced regularly, it has many proven benefits such as, regulating your nervous and endocrine system, managing stress, anxiety, emotional regulation, sleep, and concentration.

Book your FREE call or find out more here


'I did a mums group yoga and hypnotherapy session with Natalie and it was such a relaxing, calm and focused session. Natalie really tailored the session specifically for us mamas with bad backs and feeling exhausted from 24/7 with our little ones. 

I feel amazing! I recommend Natalie if you want a chilled out, rejuvenating and energetic buzz to your day. The lavender infuser and rose water was such a lovely touch, not to mention the nutritious homemade treats. Namaste!



'I did mommy yoga and hypnotherapy group with Natalie. It was an excellent experience for us. She is a very professional and lovely teacher who gave us a very amazing lesson.

I would recommend to all my friends'


'Amazing, warm hearted and gifted teacher.

Highly recommended!'



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