Practising Yoga by the Sea


I offer private 1:1 hatha, yin and meditation/breath work classes to increase awareness and release stress in the body and mind, based in Cambridge. I have been practicing yoga for over 15 years and found the mind-body awareness very beneficial to my relationship with myself and all aspects of my life. I took my yoga teacher training in Sydney, where I lived at the time, and gained 460 hours with IYTA (International Yoga Teacher Training). I then immersed myself in the nourishing practice of Yin and studied Yin/Restorative teacher training, gaining a further 50 hours, all accredited with Yoga Alliance.

All levels are welcome!

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Hatha flow

Build awareness and balance of the body mind connection, using postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama) and relaxation. Classes have an emphasis on safe alignment, flexibility and building strength. Classes consist of standing postures, twists, backbends, forwards folds and hip openers.


A slow, relaxing and healing yoga style that targets the deep connective tissues to increase mobility, flexibility and regulate the flow of energy in the body. Mostly floor positions and each position is held for 3-5 minutes, using breathing exercises for a deeper release of tension in the body, while calming the nervous system. 

Meditation/Breath work

Book a course to learn breathing techniques and/or meditation. When practiced regularly, has many proven benefits such as, regulating your nervous and endocrine system, managing stress, anxiety, emotional regulation, sleep, concentration and even changes the PH in the blood to be more alkaline

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'Practising yoga with Natalie is probably the best yoga experience I've had so far. After trying several different styles and yoga studios, Natalie's just exceeded all expectations! She's the loveliest person and amazing yoga teacher, the classes are always so calming and mind-body-spirit oriented, and Natalie's approach is very warm, welcoming, friendly and personal. I'd recommend Natalie always and everywhere, to all levels of yogi experience.'


'An amazing, warm hearted and gifted teacher.

Highly recommended!'



'I did mommy and baby yoga with Natalie. It was an excellent experience for us. She is a very professional and lovely teacher who gave us a very amazing lesson.

I would recommend to all my friends who'd like to have a private yoga lesson.


'I did moms and baby yoga with Natalie and it was such a relaxing, calm and focused session. Natalie really tailored the session specifically for us mamas with bad backs from nursing and carrying little ones all day. I feel amazing! I recommend Natalie if you want a chilled out, rejuvenating and energetic buzz to your day. The lavender infuser and rose water was such a lovely touch, not to mention the nutritious homemade treats. Namaste!